Community |How Charlotte’s B-Cycles Can Benefit Students & Businesses



By Joe Piper III

Blogger for Johnson & Wales University School of Business

 Last spring the city of Charlotte saw the arrival of the B-cycle, a quick and easy rentable bicycle that was first placed sporadically around the city is now seeing a widespread placement around Uptown Charlotte, and surrounding neighborhoods. The B-cycle allows users to rent the bike for a fee of $8 for a 30 minute bike ride and an additional $ 4 every 30 minutes after that. The B-cycle also offers   membership opportunity that allows members to rent from anywhere at any time for free and without a time limit, The annual membership is $65 and the student membership is $15 but only lasts 6 months. Both memberships come with a free helmet that can be picked up at the Uptown B-cycle center in the Time Warner Cable Arena, the memberships also grant access to pretty cool facts that allow you to see how many miles you’ve traveled on the bike and how many trips on foot or by car you’ve saved by using the B-cycle. As a member you also have the ability to track the calories you’ve burned by riding and saving your favorite routes, the B-cycle also saves you’re favorite days and stations to rent from and has a leaderboard of their most frequent users with number of trips taken, miles ridden and calories burned.

Personally I enjoy the B-cycle its convenient and it saves me a good amount of money in not having to pay for gas or the bus when I want to go somewhere, I currently have the student membership and enjoy a lot of the perks that come with it. As I began spreading the word about the convenience of the B-cycle to a few of my friends I noticed that Johnson & Wales University was hosting a B-cycle sign up and I began to think of some ways businesses and other universities could benefit from using the B-cycles.


How B-cycles can benefit from Business

  • Renting ad space on actual bicycles and docking stations or bicycle wrappings by doing this your business not only gets their name out there but it’s pairing itself with a business that promotes good health and a company that cares about pollution and reducing it along with the cities carbon footprint.
  • New company travel packages ( company endorsed vehicles) similar to how Jimmy Johns and Little village deliver via bicycle. Companies can also offer this to employees as their company vehicle as a way to promote health and wellness and reducing the companies carbon footprint.
  • Gasoline credit offered to employees every time they use the bicycle to commute instead of driving to work.

How B-cycles can benefit from students/university

  • Students can benefit by obtaining Student membership.
  • Universities can purchase a certain number of docks and bicycles and utilize them as campus shuttles around campus and in the city.
  • If universities were to purchase a certain number of B-cycles and use them for shuttles they stand to benefit the same way businesses can by  wrapping the bicycles with university logos or having the bicycles be in university colors which would build brand recognition for the university.
  • Students can benefit from the B-cycle because it’s convenient and it saves them money.
  • Students can also benefit from the B-cycle because it promotes good health by offering the act of bicycling not only as a means of transportation but as a form of quick exercising.

2 thoughts on “Community |How Charlotte’s B-Cycles Can Benefit Students & Businesses

  1. Very beneficial information! Thanks

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