Campus Policy|Wildcat Whobe Whatte? The New Wildcat Wednesdays

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Wildcat Wednesday

By Felicia Anderson

Johnson & Wales University School of Business, Senior Blogger

The buzz around campus has been all about the new Wildcat Wednesdays! On Thursday, October 31st, the university received a memo from the university president, Arthur Gallagher. In the memo, pictured above, President Gallagher announced that the university will be lax on their dress code policy on Wednesdays. As mentioned in Maintaining Youthful Ethics of Professional Dress Code, students must be in business casual attire for all academic courses, but on Wednesdays the students can wear what they want to…..

Last week was the first Wildcat Wednesday here at the Charlotte campus. To our surprise, the number of student participants was not what we had expected. A few students showed up to class in jeans, but most were dressed in the JWU norm. Even fewer students had Johnson & Wales t-shirts on. When asked about the new policy, a student said; “I didn’t know what we could wear, and I didn’t want to risk showing up in the wrong clothes. I don’t want to be kicked out of class.”  So what are the guidelines for Wildcat Wednesday? Jeans, no jeans? BizClt is on the case. We are looking in to the details of this so called spirit day and will bring you all the details as we receive them.


Wildcat Wednesday, JWU Students (Left to Right) Finesse Wilson, Myself, Nwobueze Ibekwe


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